What is BeWaterFront?

BeWaterFront.com as an online marketplace exclusively dedicated to all things waterfront living, lifestyle and related products and services.  Our plan is to bring those who are interested in living on the waterfront and those hoping to serve those who live on the waterfront together in one place.

How is this different than other providers such as Zillow, Trulia and Relator.com?

Services like these and the many other sites that proclaim “waterfront” as their expertise are cluttered with many other offerings and distractions that have nothing to do with waterfront living or are very limited in their service area.  With BeWaterFront.com we have just one simple mission to be all things waterfront.  We believe in the power of local but with a global perspective.  Our commercial partners chose the specific geographical areas they conduct business in and allow site visitors the ability to search for waterfront properties, to begin with, in Florida and eventually scaling to virtually anywhere there is waterfront property of any type for sale.

Who’s behind BeWaterFront?

BeWaterFront LLC is a US based startup headquartered in Florida.  Our founding team conceived this effort in 2015 and launched the BeWaterFront.com website in September 2016.