™ dedicated to all things waterfront living

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Hyper-targeted service,™, now available for those who don’t want to wade through every listing searching for their waterfront real estate dream!

Waterfront lifestyle is nothing short of a passion for many people. Even its special challenges are part of the adventure. Getting in touch with that magic has suddenly become attainable and simplified, thanks to the new online marketplace™. Launching in SW Flordia,™ is an innovative online community designed exclusively to serve three worlds: Those already living the waterfront life, those who desire to and those businesses ready to supply the fine points of this unique experience.

“There’s a great need for this kind of dedicated resource”, commented founder Skip Kitchen. “We will save our users time, energy, frustration and money on one hand, and give local businesses and services a good place to market themselves – exclusively – on the other. It’s an all around win/win.” The goal of BeWaterFront™ is to serve all who desire things waterfront, from first-time arrivals all the way through to those seeking the ultimate in waterfront living. The approach to waterfront living is straightforward and browsing the broad range of waterfront properties and products curated in one comprehensive site makes the searching for waterfront easy and straightforward.

BeWaterFront™ showcases all types of waterfront property – and only waterfront property – through the only website devoted exclusively to this particular passion, with all sources a click away and waterfront suppliers will enjoy category-exclusive advertising opportunities, using advanced technology to carve out closely-defined geographic areas, a powerful business driver.

Whether you want to live it or serve it, the waterfront living experience is here and ready for your action at™ or contact Skip Kitchen at . The company is based in Fort Myers, Florida.